FMA launches Indigenous Engagement Strategy

At the recent Ideaction.Oceania conference the FMA officially launched its Ingenious Engagement Strategy.

This strategy will allow the FMA to use it's influence to make a broader impact on the industry and provides the Association with ways to tangibly measure progress towards improving indigenous engagement across the industry.

The strategy is already making a difference as the FMA's education partner, UNE Partnerships, has committed to an annual scholarship.

For the last twelve months I have had the honour of leading the devel

opment of this strategy on behalf of the FMA Diversity Portfolio Group and it would have not been possible without the guidance, support and insight from a dedicated working group of volunteers. A huge thank you to Nathan Maher, John Owens, David Baguley, Rob Zacharin, Damian Kelly and Nick Moore.

Click here to find out more about the launch and the strategy, including our 2018/19 targets.

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