An Australian first in renewable energy

I am so proud and excited that Fed Square is a founding member of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP) which marks the first time in Australia that a group of local government, cultural institution, universities and corporations have collectively purchased renewable energy from a newly built facility.

By banding together the MREP is supporting the construction of a new wind farm at Crowlands (a small agricultural community in Western Victoria). The 39 turbine 80 MW capacity wind farm will be owned and operated by Melbourne-based clean energy company Pacific Hydro and the power supplied by its retail arm, Tango Energy.

MREP partners have committed to purchasing 88 MWh of electricity per year from the windfarm through a long-term purchase agreement. The Crowlands wind farm will create more than 140 jobs during construction and eight ongoing maintenance jobs.

This project has allowed Fed Square to purchase renewable energy in a financially responsible way, while further supporting our carbon neutral position.

But equally importantly this project brings additional renewable energy into the market for the good of the wider community and assists job creation in regional Victoria.

Bringing and rolling out such an innovative concept to the Australian energy market hasn't been easy. But the result reflects the MREP partner's belief in the importance of the project and their perseverance and commitment to it. My thanks and congratulations to all the MREP members. It is a privilege to have been working on this project with you for three years and I am so proud of what has been achieved. Well done to the City of Melbourne for the foresight and community spirit you have shown in leading this project.

Fed Square is privileged to be part of this indusrty changing project. To see how your company could replicate what the MREP partnership has achieved read the MREP guide to buying off-site renewable electricity.

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